Michael Welch Sculptures - All my sculptures are carved out of clay, they are all original. No one piece is the same as another.

Artist Profile

In the early 1970's I began modelling clay figures. I have always been interested in anything military especially the American Civil War, the Native American Indians, the Old West and the Second World War particularly the Waffen SS. I am inspired by the paintings of Frank McCarthy, Howard Turpin, James Bama and Mort Kunstler and also the sculptures of Ron Tunison. I own a sizeable library which is invaluable for researching historical content and pictures of my subjects. I begin by building an armature using thin metal rods which I then cover with modelling clay until I get the basic shape. When I am happy with this I add an air drying clay which gives strength to the model. I can build this up as needed until I get the detail I desire.

The tools I use when modelling are different shaped needle files, various craft knives and a few wooden spatulas which I have adapted to meet my needs. My sculptures are one of a kind, and cannot be reproduced in a mould, or cast in bronze etc. They are all totally original. I demand the highest expectations from myself and invariably arrive at the finish of each model with the determination to achieve even greater results with the next one.

Enquiries for commissioned work are welcomed.

michael welch
  • michael welch sculptures artist profile image1The initial stage - building the armature from plasticine and wire.
  • michael welch sculptures artist profile image2The next stage is to add clay to the armature and sculpt the detail using various tools.
  • michael welch sculptures artist profile image3The final stage is to paint and finish the sculpture to which ever speciffic effect is required.